Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I had found a playset nativity through The Old Schoolhouse insert. It even had a $5 off coupon. Well come to find out I could not use it online -- in store only and the closest store is 2 hours away! It just happened that my Mom found this set at Baptist Bookstore and got it for us knowing I had been looking for one. She did not realize it was the same one! THANK YOU THANK YOU MOM!!!

I really like this set and the kids love to play with it. Little Mama is always holding baby Jesus. We are using it in our Bible class in learning about the birth of Jesus.

Today we studied when the wise men found Jesus. I got my bigger baby to be Jesus since he was not a newborn. We discussed the three gifts the wise men. They were not ordinary gifts. Gold reminds us that Christ is King of Heaven and Earth. Francincense reminds us that Lord Jesus is holy and without sin. Myrrh reminds us that God's son died for our sins.

I asked Peacock if the Wise men had disobeyed God and gone back to Herod to tell him where the babe was and Herod killed him as a baby how would it be different? He answered "then Jesus could not of died for our sins!" EXACTLY!!! I love to see it coming to truth and understanding for him! God wants us to tell Him we love him by praying. He wants us to show Him that we love him by giving to Him and sharing Him wtih others!


Laura said...

Great nativity set and so wonderful you're able to use it to share about Jesus' birth and purpose on Earth w/your kids. I have a small wooden set Aunt Joan made for us for our wedding and I've been pointing out the people and animals to Ella.

Audrey said...

Letisha, I got your card in the mail yesterday, I was so excited. You have a beautiful family!


rcsnickers said...

Laura --
Seriously? A handmade wooden set? Oh I would love to see that!

Thanks! Glad I finally got it out in the mail... I am such a procrastinator!


Holly said...

Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family!

Laura said...

yes, handmade and wooden...all the characters are very small-amazing how she did it.

Sib said...

It's great that you are teaching your kids not just the Christmas story, but getting them to realize truths about God in the story! They are getting wonderful training.