Monday, December 04, 2006


One thing we do consistently is take a family picture every year at Thanksgiving time. I think this year was the best as in setting up and low stress level. Maybe we are getting used to doing it ourselves or learning from our mistakes in the past. So enjoy the pictures of the family over the past 5 years in which 8 children have joined us! Every year we look at the new picture and wonder who will be the new baby in the picture next year!

I personally do not like sitting in the front row, but I think it is great how each individual family is together and still keep Mom and Dad in the center of it all. I really like this set up!

I would of posted our individual family photos from these years BUT am not ready to share that picture yet. Just be patient, it will be shown soon!

[Note: Like our surprise Mom and Dad kissing children in the background? That was fun and they sure were surprised!]


Audrey said...

Thats so wonderful! What a great legacy yall are leaving to pass on to the coming generations.

I do love the first one where you are all smooching...very cute!

Laura said...

Wow-it's exploding children! Amazing and so neat to watch. And yes, LOVE the kissing picture!