Saturday, November 04, 2006


I am glad every night is not like this.... first I will admit, I stayed up way too late reading (Kendra has such good stuff!). Smiley woke up very cheerful and of course smiling at 12am and lasted until 2am. Because Little Mama was in our bed I decided after two hours of him still quite awake I put him in her bed for him to sleep. Yes, he did fall asleep. 2:30am Daniel gets up to get ready for work and I get up with him! So now I am up again. Guess who else is up? Little Mama. She woke up when Daddy got out of bed and came down with him. All smiling! The three of us snuggled on the couch singing and playing with HooDoo's new Etch-a-Sketch. Daddy left for work at 3am and we went back to my bed. Now we can finally sleep, right? NO! Little Mama decides to sweetly sing for the next two hours! Lovely songs, sweet voice, but I truly need some sleep tonight to function tomorrow! 5am still awake and listening to her sing. I switch her to her bed and Smiley to bed with me. It's about time for him to eat anyway. She fell right to sleep once in her bed! oh yes, sleep, now right? No now HooDoo has waken 5:30am and gone downstairs to play. Morning cannot be here already, can it? Yes, the sun is shining over the horizon. With much pleading, I got HooDoo to crawl back in bed with me and cuddle and sleep for at least an hour! Yes, glad my kids love to cuddle! Oh well, I can sleep another night. I am just thankful to have them with all their smiles, singing, cuddles and playing even through the night. Peacock got the best sleep of all, in my bed too. He slept through all of this, I do not know how. Well maybe I know, he is a hard sleeper like me!

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Laura said...

sorry you had such a rough night. but at least you had sweet music to listen too. :-)