Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Thanks Sarah for informing me that some very important people that we both would love to meet will be the guest speakers for our homeschool convention next year! Are you ready??? If you do not know them, I would great encourage you to check them out. Warning first, you will love all that they have to share and recommend! Okay, I warned you first.
First and foremost Rick and Marlyn Boyer The Learning Parent. This is a family with 14 children and homeschooled the same time as Mom when children had to hide under their beds if someone knocked on the door! Sarah and I go through their catalog and dream of buying almost every book! Such a wonderful family and testimony!!!!
Seond but not least James and Stacy MacDonald from the Patriarchs Path. If I am not mistaken they had their 10th child earlier this year or late last year. I can go through their catalog and wish and dream of owning all their books as well. They also put out the Homeschooling Today magazine. I remember when pregnant with Peacock and calling their number to order the book "Quiver Full" [did not have the internet back then]. I actually left a message and she called me back. She was pregnant at the time with their 8th child. I know she does not remember me, but she left a huge impression on me from that conversation.
Oh I cannot wait and will definately go this year! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

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Laura said...

I'd never heard of either of these families-loved checking out their sites and reading some of Stacy's articles. Thanks!