Monday, November 13, 2006


Oh me, here is what happened to me today, or what I did today! yikes.
First of all Leigh, Ian and James are visiting from out of state. We decided that since today was going to be a beautiful day to take all the kids to the park. Park was fun (chilly but fun!), got some library books, and found awesome prices on Doug and Melissa stuff at Marshalls for the kids. We got back late but everyone was in great spirits.

Ian got to ride home with us in the big van sitting next to Peacock! I figured it would be easier to drop him off at Aunt Sarah's where everyone else was. So I did. Then I backed out of her driveway to head next door to our house and finally be able to relax for the afternoon. Well no such luck... I just happened to back out way too far to the right on her driveway and ignored all signs of something being wrong and landed the front right wheel in the ditch/culvert! Oh the embarrassment and grinch on my face -- still there as I write. Not only that, I happened to get the huge bolt on the axle (I think) making a hole in the culvert and the back left wheel barely touching the road. Plus, the 15 passenger van is sticking out in the road taking up almost 3/4 of the road! Just enough room for a car to squeeze behind it and drive on.

Then I had to wake up Daniel, somehow tell him what I managed to do and have him get the van out! Well after Mom and Daniel made several attempts and finally Dad giving Fatherly advice Daniel got the van out. Only took an hour to do it. So I sat on the side of the road holding Smiley while I prayed and cried. Cried because well I am very emotional, I felt stupid, I was embarrassed, I feared the van rolling on top of my husband and killing him, etc. What were Daniel's words to me? NEVER BACKOUT OF A DRIVEWAY!!!! Trust me, I will no longer! We never back out of our driveway, but I got to confident in their driveway. I needed the lesson. Thank you God, it was not worse and no harm on any child.

(Thanks to brave Leigh for watching all six children while Daniel and Mom worked on getting the van out. Thanks Mom for the many hugs!!! Thanks for everyone for not laughing at me!!!)


Audrey said...

awww, I am so so sorry that happened! I can "one-up-ya" if you want. It might just make you feel better!

I went to the store yesterday, had been gone about 45 minutes and was on my way to the post office then home, when, as I'm sitting at the stop light, Devon says "MOM, I left the water boiling on the stove!" (he was making tea) So there I was sitting at the stop light with visions of my home going up in flames. I turned as fast as I could onto the service road and drove 70 Mph all the way home, with everyone in the car praying like crazy!

The water had all boiled out but no fire had started yet.

I tell you this is a new thing for me. I am used to doing everything myself, but all of a sudden the boys have been helping alot in the kitchen. I guess this is all part of them growing up (gasp)

Needless to say Rob was not happy when I told him what had happened. I of course felt awful for not being on top of things.

I think what I will have to do is have a check list when we get in the car, and call out the things that need to be turned off if they are on.

Never a dull moment!

rcsnickers said...

OH Audrey!!! I am sooo glad your house was okay and you drove back home safely.

I am sorry the fear got to you but I did need to hear your story. It did make me feel better! (((hugs back at ya)) I am sure the fear got to Devon as well and he will be more responsible and remember it.

Thanks for sharing. May God give our husbands more understanding? (hee hee)


Audrey said...

When we got home and he ran in and turned the stove off, the poor dear started bawling. I felt so bad for him, and then we were kinda in a blur for a few hours...I guess all that excitement zapped us of all our energy.

Glad I could make you feel better!