Friday, August 04, 2006


Call us crazy because yesterday we all met at Wal-Mart to get a cousins picture taken. That is a 5yr, 3yo, 3yo, 2yo, 22 month, 10 month, 6 month and 3 month. I pictured a perfect portrait time with all kids smiling and behaving! (What world was I living in?) Leigh and Sarah pictured their babies jumping off the stand and chaos! Well they were sorta right!

Our appointment was at 10! We all made it there before 10 -- not bad with all the kids! The young man arrived and started setting everything up. We finally got everyone into position and now it was time to "attempt" to capture a perfect or good enough picture! We finally did! It only took about oh maybe 20-30 minutes! We all raised our hands in excitement -- we got a good enough pose! The guy said he wanted to take another just in case and he needed to take 5 total! Well the next thing we knew the photographer disappeared! I guess all the chaos made him tired because he came back and said he needed some caffeine a Coke! Yeah, we know what you mean! We did get another good enough group shot and picked it! For the rest, we did the 3 big boys -- they were great! Peacock found a big pencil they use as a prop. He wanted it in their picture. He held it like a rocket launcher! We did correct his hold for the picture. Then we did the two girls. They both actually smiled beautifully, but hey they are beautiful girls! Finally the 3 little boys. They were perfect for having no clue what was going on, for one little one wanting down so he could crawl, adn the other wanting Mommy. We finally left the photo studio at 11. Yes, it took a whole hour for these pictures. Good thing no one had an appointment after us!

To top it off, I scheduled an 11:20 photo at Target! I would like to say it was much easier. It would of been had Little Mama smiled and stayed in her place. She wanted nothing to do with the photo studio... she wanted to be on Mommy's hip! So the best picture from that was with her foot sorta up. Oh yeah, for some reason she kept pulling up her dress. I am very glad it is all over until next year! Slim Jim's single shots are picture perfect. Wish I had more money to buy all of them, but I do have the real thing!

Thanks Mom for coming with us and helping us keep all the chaos under control!

Thanks Leigh for the coupon -- you were a true life saver to one stressed out Mommy!

[If you click on the picture it will show you a bigger size for better viewing of the pictures.]

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