Thursday, August 17, 2006


Just when I was getting familiar with the blogging layout post and all, now I have to change! I have not been able to log into blogger. I was being sent to beta blogger sign in which I was not. I read the info on beta blogger to see why. Come to find out they have picked a selected few to cross over to beta and not longer able to log in under the normal blogger page. So I had to change. The changes look and sound good but now I have new stuff to learn to figure it all out... I like it simple.

Also, if you are not a beta blogger I have to add your email address to view my blog. Sounds good for the safety issue, but hey I read blogs of people I don't really know and vice versa. Hopefully I will get everyone's emails listed to view the blog. Please be patient with me.

Off to figure it all out!

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