Saturday, July 22, 2006


Today we went to cousin Ian's birthday party! We had a wonderful time. The children enjoyed playing trains and running on the train tracks. They built their own train houses, or ate the candy to put on the train houses. Everyone enjoyed her delicious Diesel10 cake -- marshmallow fondant icing! Very creative and talented. Thank you for a wonderful time! Sad to think you will be moving away in a month and only this last month to see each other ALL THE TIME! We love you all!

Diesel10 marshmallow fondant cake

train houses

Caleb in the roundhouse

Uncle David running the train tracks

Rachel and her baby driving a train

Cute James -- now 10 months old!

Praise God for our safety on the way home! Mom, Ian and James rode with us to and from the party. Coming home there was strong wind. A lot of debris. Glad Mom was not worried! This was my first time driving the van in a storm like this! yikes. R.C. was worried about us, but we were safe!

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