Friday, July 21, 2006


Earlier this week I finally ordered our curriculum!!! To be honest, I would of bought everything from all the different catalogs I have been receiving for the past year. I spent most of my time looking into the older grades and Bible to see the path they took. I decided to go with BJU K5 for everything.

I am excited and nervous. Excited because the big brown truck will deliver a package to our house and to look through the work we will be doing. I am nervous before I never like what I buy after I get home! With this curriculum I cannot go wrong. So more excited than nervous.

Now we need to go to our favorite store and get school supplies!!! I also want to get work for HooDoo to do along with us. I am bummed that it is hard to find the old style lunch boxes. Everything is plastic. I want to make this first year exciting. Some fond memories of my K5 year. Let'see: getting out of at noon, going home with my Mom, teacher reading a story to us, being Jill ("Jack & Jill")in the K5 graduation program, and of course the famous knocking over the easel during K5 graduation! Gotta love that picture! Would love to hear your special memories from K5!

Guess what? According to the track shipping the big brown truck will be stopping by our house TODAY!!!!

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Sarah said...

I don't remember anything from when I was 5! Nevermind school. I do remember at some point when I was young I had a nice little green and metal desk and a chalkboard top that lifted up. That was neat.

Did it come today? I didn't notice a truck... ha ha, I can spy on you now!:)