Saturday, July 08, 2006


Peacock celebrated his fifth birthday! He got to pick the meals for the day. He got waffles (breakfast in bed!), ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, grilled hamburgers with corn on the cob for dinner! In the evening the family came over. We ate birthday cake and opened presents! He loved having the phone ring and someone calling to wish him a "Happy Birthday!"

five things about Peacock
1. He has a tender heart
2. He has a helpful character
3. He learns quickly
4. He is photogenic
5. He is a peacemaker

The funny part of the night: Joshua was given an airplane that you pump with air and it will fly. Seriously, this plane flew high and did a lot of circles. We were getting dizzy looking up to watch it. Well Gramps really pumped it full of air. He let it go. This time it went higher and close to the trees. He kept saying "we need to trim the trees!" Then came some wind. To our surprise the plane flew into the top of a pine tree in our back yard.... and is still there to this minute!

UPDATE: It came out of the tree thanks to a great big storm about a month later.

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