Monday, July 31, 2006


Last night while preheating the oven the bottom heating element in our stove burned out! It was a hot white sparkily show! The top went out oh sometime during Christmas. Okay we can deal with the stove. BUT to top it off, Daniel got off work early today to come home and find out our downstairs AC is not working! Great!!! That is a more expensive appliance to fix! This would happen in the hot of summer! Who am I to complain. Many others live without hot water or a good stove. So.... now I am going to visit a new blog friend Joy who is a missionary in Indonesia. She has a bad stove, no ac, and recently took a hot bath which was a luxury for her! What a hard life we live.....

Mom and Dad came over last night to look at the ac and the stove. Dad gave us the phone number of the guy who did the ac for Derek and Sarah. He came early this morning and fixed it! It was the electrical magnet, I think. Well anyway, fairly cheap to fix and no major problem! We were thinking we would need a whole new unit! As for the stove, the bake element (just learned what it is called) is ordered and will be at Sears for a pickup in 7 days. The broil element (which I called the top heating element) is fine! It is not always on. It is only used to broil! okay, did not know that. Did not really think about it. The kitchen is not my best friend. Unless it is giving me brown sugar and maple syrup instant oatmeal to eat WHICH it is NOT! Sorry for complaining about our problems that really are not problems!

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