Monday, June 26, 2006

prayer from Mom

I received a phone call from Mom! They are staying in Chicago for the night and will fly out tomorrow. Their plane from London left late and they missed the plane at Chicago. Plus, they have several people who are sick. A guy named Bill was taken to the hospital. I am not sure exactly what is wrong. She said several people have stomach problms -- diarrhia and vomitting. She is well. She is asking everyone to pray for the sick team members. She is very tired.


Cindee said...

Hi there. I decided that this was the best place to answer the question you posted to my blog. I wasn't sure if you would return to mine to see if I had answered there so... here I am.

Anyhow, on to your comment/question... I use SiteMeter ( track visitors to my blog. It's a free service with limitations but I've found it works for me just fine.

I love birth stories too. I haven't finished writing one yet. I'm only halfway through the one I started about my third baby's birth and he's 2 1/2 yo now! I've not even started on my latest one. Sigh! Eventually, I hope to finish. Thanks for re-motivating me. :-)


p.s. I'm praying for your mom and her traveling companions.

Laura said...

Letisha-love your blog-and your pics. Guess i got my question answered about your last pregnancy-it was a boy I see-and he's adorable.
Prayed for your mom and her friends.
Love ya!