Wednesday, June 28, 2006


It is blackberry season and almost everyday we walk around the family property picking and eating blackberries! Yummy. Well the other day HooDoo saved all of his and said he wanted to make a blackberry pie. After a few days of picking and eating we finally got 6cups of blackberries. We made our pie and it actually smelled and tasted good! Usually I have more blowups or bad luck when baking pies. I had to make a lattice crust on top since I could not roll the homemade pie crust to a bigger size. I barely had enough for the bottom -- need more lessons in that area!

My Mom was at my house and we took the pie over to my other Mom's house. Everyone got to eat pie and listen to Mom's experience in Kenya. I must say it was a nice visit.

~~ Title excerpt from "Seven Silly Eaters"

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Sarah said...

Except that nobody told me you were there so I missed out on pictures, stories, AND PIE!!!

It looks delicious though:)