Tuesday, June 13, 2006


A friend once told me that I should write down all the funny things children say.. wish I had taken her advice sooner. I know I have forgotten a many. For the current times here are our recent funnies....

Peacock: I was telling the kids that we had to take Smiley to the doctor in the morning. HooDoo ran and got his "doctor kit" and we played doctor visit with Smiley! Well I put the BP cuff on Peacock's wrist. I asked if it was getting tight. He said "yes, wait no it is not. Why is it not getting tight? The one at Sam's gets tight." I explained that this one is only a pretent BP cuff. Well I told him I was done and he asked "what time is it?" Because it is round and on his wrist looking like a watch...

HooDoo: I finally have taught him the correct words to a song. A few weeks ago he was singing "Onward Christian soldiers, climbing up the wall..."

Little Mama: Well when this sweetie hurts her hand, foot, arm, whatever, she wants me to kiss the other one. The other day we were outside and she pulled Smiley's hair. I told her not to pull his hair. She did pull his hair again. I gave her a swat on her hand. What does she do? She gives me her other hand with a pout. I asked if she wanted me to kiss it. She shook her head no and swatted her hand herself! Too funny. I guess she has a theory give me two kisses, give me two swats!

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